Watch Our Films

Watch Our Films

We are so excited to introduce our newest product: Bum Bul Bee Vignettes. Our expansion into films makes us the first film company, ever, to specialize in Custom HD Cinematic films just for families.

This expansion has been a long time coming and we are excited to launch and to be able to share it with you here on our blog.

The Bum Bul Bee Vignette is a brand new way to preserve and share memories. As photographers, we love images and know how integral they are to documenting and celebrating families and their bond. But as avid film lovers and writers, we couldn’t help but ponder, what if those memories could come to life? What if what you saw wasn’t just confined to the click of a shutter but instead part of a moving portrait and it could capture all those incidental moments that still photos can miss?

Last year on a visit during the holidays I saw my partner’s own family home videos. They dated back decades and as we all gathered around the tv to watch them, there was something magical that happened. A connection and a bond that some of his younger family members had even though they had never met some of the people on the screen. Even though they didn’t know or remember them, they were still indeed family.

The footage, some of which was over 40 years old, was compiled onto a dvd. Some of the snippets were only seconds long and many of the clips jumped from year to year. Watching it occurred to me, what if it had been a movie? What if some of it had showcased everyone, mom, dad, kids, aunts, uncles, grandparents, because in all home movies, someone is always missing. Right then the idea for Bum Bul Bee Vignettes was born.

Our goal here is to revolutionize the way people save their memories. We’ll bring them to life so that 40 years from now, our families will be able to pop in a DVD and feel like they’re right there, they’ll be able to see what their family was really like, how they laughed together and loved one another. On a recent shoot, I witnessed a father do something so natural, he reached out and played with his daughter’s hair. It was a flicker, just a moment, but we caught it and now it will live forever. If I could share with you one image of what is so wonderful about this new adventure for us, it would be that one. Definitely.

So, with no further adieu, check out our trailer and be sure to pop on over to our brand new Films Page to see some more samples.

And be sure to tell us what you think! We definitely love feedback!

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