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Watch Our Films

We are so excited to introduce our newest product: Bum Bul Bee Vignettes. Our expansion into films makes us the…
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About Bum Bul Bee

About Bum Bul Bee

Bum Bul Bee Photography is a full service boutique studio located in the heart of Chicago’s Old Town

See Our Photography Portfolio

See Our Photography Portfolio

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    "My dog, Harley, and I loved working with Bum Bul Bee Photography! Not only did the portraits come out beautifully but we had so much fun at our photo shoot. Working with animals can be a very challenging task and even when Harley wasn't being a perfect model she was still able to get great shots! Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I would recommend working with her over and over again!"

    — Jillian F.

Recent Bum Bul Bee Sessions

  • Baby Love

    Baby Love

    There is something about a newborn. From their teeny tiny feet to their heavenly smell, newborns are pretty much perfection.

    I do see my fair share of brand spankin’ new babies, that’s true. But what I love about this session is that these guys were very cool with having a no frills lifestyle session and I think it just beautifully captures their new family and most of all, all the love they have for one another.


  • B Goes to Prom

    B Goes to Prom

    There’s something about prom that makes me so happy. It’s full of fun and friends. Who didn’t love prom? So when I heard that the R family, who is like my husband’s second family (dad R has known my husband since he was 2 years old) was sending their oldest to prom. I was all “I will come and shoot that!”


    I have to say, these kids definitely know how to do prom. There were a gazillion of them in one beautiful house in gorgeous Willmette, Chicago’s North Shore. And they all looked gorgeous. Me and my set definitely didn’t look this high fashion and we lived in NYC proper!


    And the parents were not to be shown up. When the cameras came out it was a full blown paparazzi frenzy!


    To see more and get your download on me, click here.

  • Quiet Moments Like These…

    Quiet Moments Like These…

    I never really had a grandmother. I had one who lived in Germany that I met only a handful of times and was more of a really cool aunt than a Granny in that she wasn’t very warm and she liked to buy me Jessica McClintock dresses and give me¬†advice about finding a husband when I was 14. It had its perks. But I sort of missed out on the traditional experience so I really love this image from a recent session. As I was packing up, I noticed these two and I took it before anyone saw me. I just love how happy she looks. That sleeping kid is my handiwork btw. I always leave them tuckered out…


  • Happy Park

    Happy Park

    It’s hard to say what I love more, shooting photos or filming. I really love photography, clearly. But these Vignettes are magical.

    I met up with the V Family this summer in one of my favorite locals, Chicago’s Lincoln Park.

    Mom V is a friend of mine, so I was already excited to just hang out with the family but I was even more excited because the shoot was super laid back & the V’s were totally content with letting me just sort of make it up as we went along.

    My inspiration for this film was fun. I wanted to capture the energy of this young family, their joy of just being together & their very close bond. Some of my favorite moments are just of them being them, all the hugs & laughter. After watching it about a million times in post, it still makes me smile really big.

    Thanks so much for coming out & letting capture your family, you guys were amazing!

    Happy Park from Bum Bul Bee on Vimeo.

  • Small Wonder

    Small Wonder

    The first thing you notice about little J is that she’s a ball of energy! She zips around the room, a tiny giggling blur of pink pleats and curls.

    When she takes a breather and curls up on the couch with her mama the second thing you notice is her gorgeous eyes. They’re steely blue and green, striking, and framed with most delicate lashes. She’s quite a beauty that little one.

    I met the D family bright and early one sunny Friday morning for a mini session at their home and I have to just take a moment to swoon over their house. It’s a gem, completely restored with the most amazing tin tile ceilings. Tin tile! See that? I’m swooning. I love tin tile. You can just barely see it in the third photo. Take a peek…

  • Homebound


    As soon as I met the M Family, I knew we were very in sync. Like-minded if you will. I walked in the door and they were playing She & Him…on the turntable. I liked them instantly.

    While Dad M started making me the most heavenly cappuccino I’ve ever tasted, Mom M and I chatted about their upcoming session and even more excitedly, about their film.

    I should add that when I met the M Family, there were only two of them. We had originally planned to do a maternity film. The day before we were scheduled to begin production, Baby M was born.

    Even though the story took some reworking, I couldn’t be happier with it. It is such a joy for me to see it come to life. And both of the M’s were so lovely to work with to get to know. I have the greatest appreciation of them for taking this little journey with them.

    So without further adieu, check it out and afterwards, be sure to scroll beneath the player to see photos from Baby M’s newborn session.


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  • Lovely Little Snow Day!

    Lovely Little Snow Day!

    So here in Chicago there are, well typically, plenty of snow days. Personally, I love them. I love the snow when it blankets everything with a bright soft layer of white and everything just has that glow to it.
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  • 100 Days! Let’s Celebrate!

    Someone is probably thinking it’s been about 100 days since my last post, but you would be wrong! (even though it kind of feels that long) The 100 Day Celebration is a tradition in many cultures when families celebrate a baby’s 100 day milestone.
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